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SEO/SMO Expert - Syed Noman Ali

Hi, my name is Syed Noman Ali "SEO Consultant" and I have done my BS in Software Engineering from Karachi University. I started my career as SEO Expert + Web Developer in January 2009. I’m currently working as a Webmaster, Sr. SEO/SMO + Business Consultant at Cygnis Media. Before that i was working same for Avenue Social and also worked for many freelance projects in past and still doing freelance.

My motive is to make things happen to help others to make their dreams come true by helping their business getting ranked in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

By Profession I am a Web Developer but i love working as a SEO. Because here i can judge my work myself. I can see results myself. Working as a SEO makes me very busy in learning new things because SEO is an up-going process or an up-going phenomenon so you have to be updated in this field everyday otherwise you will not be able to compete others.

My Expertise


  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Website optimization Services and Content Development/Copyrighting
  • Online Public Relations/Press Release Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Mobile SEO/SMO
  • Video SEO/SMO
  • Web Marketing Analysis
  • Reporting/KPIs

*Web Development

  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Php

*Business Leads


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Thursday, June 16, 2011

SEO Expert: The 4 Things to Consider

SEO authorities Madison have been one of the most prominent SEO authorities you can find with views to supporting up your online enterprise and endorsing your wares or service over the web. Believe it or not, we now have thousands of SEO experts all throughout the world vaunting that they have the pertinent talents and skill with views to enhancing your sites exposure to apex explore mechanical devices but only a two population of them are stacked with the total know-how. What are the traits of an prominent SEO certified in Madison? How very fruitful is your SEO highly talented when it draws close to assembly up the stringent and very complex explore motor guidelines? Most internet enterprise bungles because of the subsequent issues:

1. Choose of incompatible niche. This is one of the most admired faults of numerous internet marketers in in which they opt to decide to promulgate a wares that they have no learning so long as they observe the yield banging them in a subject of time. Little they recognise, this can only lead them to some bigger damage. Search motor optimization professionals Madison can truly lead you find the appropriate market with the most allotment of explorations with suprisingly small struggle in the market. They are very much well-informed on what keyword expression to use and the number of assessed place sightseers you can get at the end of every time frame.

2. Neglecting explore mechanical devices guidelines. SEO skilled population appreciate principle apex explore engine’s regulations. And since they are coached to examine primary explore mechanical devices valued prerequisites, less or no obstacle is looked frontwards to to your website. Most SEO experts would embrace explore mechanical devices statutes scrutiny and employing it to the internet place as part of their onpage optimisation. This is to sheltered that everything is secure and toiling between the explore mechanical devices along with your site.

3. Hiring non-skilled SEO specialists. Websites demand traffic to be lucrative and a place that’s been weakly supervised by a non-trained SEO can only lead you to many damage. You want to appreciate that an SEO highly talented Madison is amid the most very valued elements you want to analyze when you get included into website marketing. Not just that they put on a very valued job in the triumph of your enterprise but additionally they are the ones that ascertain if your website is well worth your time, effort and expenditure.

4. Weak website design. You don’t want the best looking website to advance directed at traffic and make greatest explore mechanical devices position you. The more you overcrowd your website with departing images and very large fonts, the higher threats you have for rejection. Seo skilled population Madison along with website creative designers are well-aware of how to enhance your sites rankings with very less show clearly of photos and fonts. You basically have to give them a solid thought of how you like your website to show when it consignments to browser as well as other actual particulars about your niche.

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