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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

183 Traffic Generation Tips From the Pros

I grabbed 183 traffic generation tips from pros who’ve been good enough to shared their secrets. The following list represents many of the best of these tips, and I’ve included profiles and links to the aforementioned pros who’ve shared their lists online. Of course, some of their lists contained duplicates, so I took those out along with suggestions I thought were not-so-hot.

The list is not in any particular order. You’ll note that a number of the suggestions are SEO tips and so they will generate traffic indirectly through better rankings in search results.

Here’s the world’s largest list of traffic generation tips

In no particular order

First, build your blog on a solid CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Blogger
Host your blog on your own doman
Build a brand
Build an email list
Write a regular newsletter
Submit your blog to these directories
Blog as a team. Create or participate in a carnival or blog tribe. Link, share and comment on each others posts. (From Word Carnivals)
Be among the first to write something insightful about a news worthy topic
Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.
Provide real value in your content
Make your content controversial (sometimes)
Give your best content away for free
Optimize your blog for better search engine rankings
Use Tags on your posts
Install a translator plugin
Use smart internal linking
Target long-tail keywords with lower competition in search engines
Write and give away an eBook
Comment on other blogs

Add social media sharing buttons to your blog
Ping search engines and aggregators like Technorati
Update your website design, and get yourself listed in a design article/blog post.
Limit advertising, initially, so that you don’t drive people away
Sign up at to connect with other bloggers and get your articles listed
Buy advertising
Run a pay-per-click campaign
Swap ads with another blogger or website
Create and give away a video course
Submit your content to stumble upon, digg, dilicous, pinterest, etc.
Make a round up of all of your archives in a particular category
Create a better user experience on your blog
Use h1, h2, h3 tags in your posts
Jump on the chance to be interviewed in writing, audio, or video
Interview other bloggers in writing, audio, or video
Introduce yourself to other bloggers
Combine all of your RSS feeds using, or a similar tool, and submit it to an RSS aggregator
Host webinars with other bloggers
Release content at about the same time every day/week
Utilize video and images in your blog posts
Invite guest bloggers
Submit your site to
Provide search engines with an up-to-date sitemap
Make youtube videos
Contribute to Wikipedia
Create a hub for your blog at
Start a podcast

Bold, highlight or italicize some of your keywords
Write snappy, short, keyword rich titles
Answer timely relevant questions (keep your finger on the pulse of your niche)
Use Alt Tags for images
Turn your blog posts into PDF docs and share them Scribd, Docstore, and similar sites.
Write list posts
Find and write about
news in your niche (don’t post what everyone else is posting)
Get into guest blogging
Use animoto to create a killer animated slideshow and push it everywhere
Join a forum
Attend conferences for networking opportunities
Handout business cards
Use Odiogo to turn your blog into a podcast automatically
Put out a press release
Put your URL on everything
Make stickers, bumper stickers, etc., post them, and give them away
Speak at relevant events
Focusing on building your Community
Answer questions on YahooAnswers, Quora, etc. (Ad a link to your profile, or mention your site in your answer.)
Use Feedburner
Add your URL to your email signature
Advertise on eBayClassified
Always link to your blog in your online profiles
Use friendly URLs

Join the network
Design and sell products on CafePress, Zazzle, and any number of other similar companies
Write an ad for your blog on
Comment on related videos on YouTube
Take advantage of bumps in traffic by pushing out content fast
Let your analytics data tell you what’s working and duplicate those efforts
Create Squidoo Lenses
Create free pages at,, and similar sites
Follow people on twitter
Create a page on about your blog and your goals
Submit your site to
Join your local chamber of commerce
Start a meetup
Launch a conference
Use your blog’s name as a username
Buy an ad in your local news paper
Host a blog contest
Engage on facebook pages and mention facebook pages in your own updates
Create a Google+ brand page
Submit articles to EzineArticles
Do keyword research
Utilize bread crumbs and related articles
Come up with a great April Fool’s prank for shot at going viral
Write about other blogs
Link to other bloggers, if you want them to link to you
Comment on another (related) blog
Be yourself, use your own unique voice

Well, I hope you found some useful tips that will help you increase traffic to your blog (or website).


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